Rudy Wicaksono is an Indonesian-based photographer. He was born in Jakarta, Desember 21st. His interest in art, specifically in photography had started from his early childhood, from the moment he discovered his family albums of inspirational journey. 
During his college years, he started to develop and hone in his photography skills. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Indonesia, majoring in Communications with emphasis on Advertising Study.
He currently lives in Jakarta, focusing his works on commercial photography.
His notable client such as: Mustika Ratu, Puspita Martha, Wardah, and several others. His expertise ranging from beauty, portrait and interior photography. In his free time, he loves to go cycling, watching movies and gaming.

Lately he explores drawing and painting.

2009 - Group Exhibition "KELAS PAGI ANGKATAN 1" - Jakarta
2010 - Group Exhibition "RORSCHACH" - Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
2014 - Group Exhibition "IBU KOTA : 27 Fotografer Fashion Indonesia" - Yogyakarta
2018 - Group Exhibition "CORPUS:ALIBI" - D'Gallerie, Jakarta  

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